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It's all about auxiliaries in higher education as Clayton Mitchell from Jefferson, Jim Dwyer from Arizona State and Kelsey Finn from NACAS join TJ in this Virtual AOA Conference in California.

EPISODE 24: Terry Flannery on How to Market a University

Terry Flannery from Stony Brook University joins TJ as they discuss her new book "How to Market a University: Building Value in a Competitive Environment" and the current state of affairs in higher education.

2020 P3 Higher Education Summit

This week we have a different kind of show. TJ had the honor of being the opening speaker at the P3 Higher Education Summit and we've turned it into the most awesome pod this week. Enjoy!

Friends of the Pod talking big picture solutions for Higher Ed!

This week TJ and guests who are "Friends of the Pod discuss the age old question of what's more valuable: being street smart or book smart and are we going to ever fix what's going on in higher ed. Another bomb episode meaning it's so good we might explode. Enjoy!

21st century employability skills Plus the ROI of higher ed

This week TJ's got Nick Bayer –– Founder and CEO of Saxbys, Karthik Shandi, CEO of Greek House, and Kathryn Kaysen Jackson from UIC talking about 21st century employability skills and ROI of higher ed.

Higher Ed, Covid and Lawyers. Oh My!

TJ dives into the legal ramifications of Covid in higher ed with Scott Lewis from TNG and Kevin McClure from UNCW. Things we never thought we'd be dealing with but incredibly fascinating and mind numbing stuff.

The future of pro development in higher education

TJ discusses the future of pro development in higher education with Joe Ginese (BMCC), Kelsey Harmon Finn (NACAS), Mary DeNiro (ACUHO-I), Mike Moss (SCUP). It's another episode of The Place Makers that you will not want to miss.

How Higher Ed Keeps Planning during such a crazy time in the world

This week on The Place Makers TJ interviews a dynamic group including Dr Nicholas Santilli, Dr Erica Eckert, Dr James Harris and Dr Lynn D Akey to discuss how higher ed keeps on planning while the world around us is going crazy.

Exploring the access gaps in higher ed with the new normal we're living in

This week TJ taps Sarah Goldrick-Rab, founder of the Hope Center for College Community and Justice and La’Tonya Rease Miles from UCLA to explore the access gap in higher education. It's a big one!

The impact of Covid19 on Student Housing and it's big

This week on the Collective Good Podcast @TJLogan is joined by three student housing pros from both public and private side to discuss the latest impacts of Covid 19 on Higher Ed as you all know changes by the minute

EXCLUSIVE: SimpsonScarborough data on enrollment in higher ed and we break it down

This week on the Collective Good Podcast @TJLogan is joined by Elizabeth Johnson from @SimpScar and Brandon Busteed @brandonbusteed. Elizabeth previews the findings from our new student survey on that we just pulled down Monday. Elizabeth will break updated data on the state of enrollment in higher education, and Brandon will tell us what we should do about it.

When and why do we have to be in the same room?

TJ sat down with super smart people like Dr. Jonathan Zimmerman from The University of Pennsylvania and Jabir McKnight from Dream Beacon and discussed among other things "do we really need to be in the same room together?"

TJ gives up hosting and answers questions about the future of higher ed

TJ shakes things up this week as guest Kelsey Finn (CEO of NACAS) asks him and Clayton Mitchell (Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities at Jefferson) the questions! The result? Great content and perspective that you don't wanna miss.

The role of college athletics in the new normal (if that's a thing)

TJ welcomes Dr. Mike Cross as they discuss the future of higher ed and the role of college athletics in the new normal (if that's a thing)

Startups and the Tech Disruption in Higher Ed

In this week's episode of The PlaceMakers, TJ sits downs with Samyr from Knack and Cooper from Rah Rah to talk about SAAS replacing traditional face to face in higher ed. Great episode that you don't want to miss.

The Future of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Ed

In this week's episode of The PlaceMakers, TJ sits downs with Pete Cramer, Director of Development, Wexford; Mark Long, Director of Incubation Services, University of Florida; and Jabir McKnight, Co-Founder, Director of Campus Recruitment & Business Development at DREAMBEACON to discuss The future of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Ed. You're gonna love it.

The Role of Community Colleges in the Future of Higher Ed

In this episode of The Place Makers we discuss how this might just be the perfect time for community colleges if they have the right leadership. TJ's guests are Dr. Ed Cabellon, Higher Education Consultant and Dr. Mordecai Browlee, Vice President for Student Success at St. Philip's College.

A Conversation with Brandon Busteed

This episode features President of University Partners and Global Head of Learn-Work Innovation at Kaplan, Brandon Busteed. If there's anyone that has a take on the Future of Higher Education that you must hear, it's Brandon's. It's our best episode yet, enjoy!

The future of Student Engagement and Student Affairs

This episode featured Student Affairs rockstars along with TJ, of course. Dr. Josie Ahlquist, Thought Leader on Digital Leadership, Author, Podcast Host, and professional speaker/consultant; Dr. Julie Payne-Kirchmeier, Vice President for Student Affairs at Northwester University and NASPA Board Chair Elect discussed some big ideas for the future of higher ed. You're gonna love it.

The Future of the Spaces Beyond the Classroom

This week TJ sat down with Kelsey Finn, CEO of NACAS and Matthew Stein, VP of MSCU to talk about The World Beyond the Classroom. There are so many great ideas discussed in our best episode yet. Enjoy

The Future of Higher Ed: The Student Perspective

Today we talk to the most important audience of all, the students; and it gave Dr. TJ Logan lots of hope. In this informative episode of The Collective Good: The Place Makers Series, TJ speaks with Ryan Tucker, Temple University graduate; Sarah Aguilar, Illinois State University; Michael Weaver Jr., Kentucky State University; and Laryssa Banks,Temple University undergraduate to hear about what they fear, what they've learned and what good they believe is on the horizon for College life in this new world we are all adapting to.

The Future of Hospitality on Campus

Today TJ discusses the future of Hospitality on Campus with with his special guests Vennie Gore, David Damon and Tim Ryan

Capital Planning for the Future of Higher Ed

Sara Russell, Managing Director P3 Higher Education at RBC Capital and Clayton Mitchell, Sr. VP at Thomas Jefferson sat with TJ and discussed capital planning for the future of the college campus. A lot of unpopular things were said making for some great conversation. Enjoy!

The Future of the College Union

In Episode 2 of the Place makers TJ Logan welcomes John Taylor, CEO ACUI, Rob Wynkoop, Associate Vice President Auxiliary Services, Purdue University and Peter van den Kieboom, AIA, Principal at Workshop Architects, Inc. to talk all about the future of the student union. Things like design, changing the culture on campus and what every union professional should be planning for.


This week The MSCU Place Makers discuss student housing and what might happen post-Covid 19. For example, Will the traditional college campus even be relevant? Things have changed. Big time. We’ve brought together the top minds in Higher Education, Branding and Marketing, Technology, and Entrepreneurship to candidly share insights to our listeners so they can find relevance tomorrow. After all, it’s not the same world it was just a short time ago. But it’s still a good one full of good people wanting to do good. Here you'll find candid relevant conversations between colleagues, friends and leaders in business will arrive for you to enjoy. What makes it refreshing is even though these are smart people, they don’t have all the answers and they will challenge each other, discover ideas and strategies for continued success.

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